Crave The Fast Life

MAX'S troubled past including the abandonment by his crooked father TONY, creates a deep-rooted hunger for success which fuels him down the dark and ruthless path of anger, greed, and self-destruction in the glitzy world of the nightclub industry.

Wanting it all and wanting to prove to his estranged father, who has been released from prison a changed man, that he and he alone will provide for his mother ARLENE and his sister SOLI; Max puts all his trust and loyalty in to DOMINIC, a wealthy nightclub owner that promises him a kingdom of fortune if he uses his nature talent for creating successful events for him exclusively.

Soon after achieving all the success and wealth he ever wanted, life seems to get even better when he runs in to his lost love BRIE. Max feels that he is on top of the world, but things begin to rapidly deconstruction as his home-life and his fast-life begin to clash. In denial that his mother is dying of cancer and his refusal to accept Tony as a changed man; Max chooses to blindly follow Dominic ever deeper in to the fast-life by agreeing to take his operation to Las Vegas, even after it is discovered that Dominic has been using Max's success to launder money for some very dangerous people.

In the end, can Max find the peace and forgiveness he needs in order to not lose himself, his family, and his true love Brie?

This film was produced by Action Faith Media

Our Vision

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Action Faith Media follows a new model of filmmaking by producing high-quality base projects rich in hope, faith and inspiration. Founded by filmmaker Joel M. Gonzales, Christian playwright & producer JR Esquivel out of their passion for creating inspirational content with a universal draw to God.

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An Action Faith Media Production in association with Shock Media Group
“Crave: The Fast Life” Starring Rene Alvarado, J.R. Esquivel, Lourdes Colon, David Barrera, Mauricio Mendoza,
Jessica Camacho, Steve Wilcox, Mayra Leal, Ricky Susie, Jearnest Corchado
Featuring Pastor Sonny Jr Arguinzoni Executive Producer Peter Nguyen Co-Executive Producer Johnny D Nguyen
Co-Producer J.R. Esquivel, Richard Nam, Pejman Partiyeli Associate Producer Jimi Gonzalez
Line Producer Ovidio Jimenez Casting By Erika Olmos Set Design Eddie Inda
Costume Design Christina Bushner Hair & Makeup Patricia Lopez, Angela K. Blumer
Produced By Joel M. Gonzales Written & Directed By Joaquin F. Palma Not Rated