Crave The Fast Life

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An Action Faith Media Production in association with Shock Media Group
“Crave: The Fast Life” Starring Rene Alvarado, J.R. Esquivel, Lourdes Colon, David Barrera, Mauricio Mendoza,
Jessica Camacho, Steve Wilcox, Mayra Leal, Ricky Susie, Jearnest Corchado
Featuring Pastor Sonny Jr Arguinzoni Executive Producer Peter Nguyen Co-Executive Producer Johnny D Nguyen
Co-Producer J.R. Esquivel, Richard Nam, Pejman Partiyeli Associate Producer Jimi Gonzalez
Line Producer Ovidio Jimenez Casting By Erika Olmos Set Design Eddie Inda
Costume Design Christina Bushner Hair & Makeup Patricia Lopez, Angela K. Blumer
Produced By Joel M. Gonzales Written & Directed By Joaquin F. Palma Not Rated